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When is enough enough?

When do we know when enough is enough?


  • money

  • square feet

  • food

  • clothes

  • trips taken

  • days worked and time to retire

I overheard Jim Carrey, the Canadian actor, discuss retiring. He said, “you’re never going to hear anyone in Hollywood say this, but I have enough, I am enough.”

He now wants to focus on his painting and his spiritual path.

Wow, wow, wow!

I think we all love to watch others with a clear vision. It allows us to take stock and perhaps get our own clarity. I feel it helps me take stock and evaluate my own version of - do I have enough?

It’s the fork in the road, if we are lucky to get to.

Actually there are many forks in the road in life… When we are starting out, who do we want to become? Who do we want to spend our lives with? Where do we want to live? And when we reach the time to ask what is next, whether it’s at 35 or 65, we have to take our own inventory. Another way of looking at it is, “if not now, when?” The proverbial question that means there is no perfect time, just do it now. One never knows when the right time is.

I always look for a measurement or gauge. I always ask myself, “does it bring me joy?” or Rick asks it like, “does it bring me closer to my goal?” Sometimes we can’t answer the question if we have enough because every Instagram or Facebook post is showing us:

  • how to be successful

  • how to acquire more

  • how we need more stuff

  • work more hours, practice harder, never give up

A brilliant commercial for Expedia shows Ewan McGregor asking us, “are we really going to regret not having more stuff?” Brilliant question! The camera then zooms to a beach, waves and sunshine and asks us, “or will we regret having more experiences?”

Makes us all stop and take a breath. Expedia’s way of asking the question:

When is enough enough?

I personally want more time with family and friends. That, I know I do not have enough of.

I came back from a recent trip to visit family in Florida. I had not seen my family in 3 years due to COVID. I came home with my heart full and a clear vision of what is most important.

The old saying, how do you want to be remembered or what will people say at your funeral?

You don’t want to hear how hard I worked or I wish I worked more overtime so I could have achieved more.

I think this expression has been around so long because it holds the truth. What matters is who we are. Remembering you are enough, despite all the other things…YOU are enough.

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