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Fit in, why?

Is it a coincidence?

I just saw Cher being interviewed on CNN with Christiane Amanpour. Two incredible women in their own right.

This was not a fluffy interview asking about her latest movie. It was a deep, honest, revealing conversation about life lived. Cher, 70-plus, was open and raw.

Let me back step slightly by saying I have always been drawn to Cher; and her resilience, independence and ‘take that’ attitude.

I always thought she had an, ‘I don’t care what you think of me’ attitude or even better, ‘take me as I am’.

Growing up watching her she represented everything different than what I saw was beautiful.

She was beautiful, but a very different beautiful.

I believe she was instrumental in opening my young heart to all types of beauty and then her teeth were crooked, like mine.


I had a connection and something in common with Cher. I was 12, but we both had slightly crooked teeth. But she made me feel good about it.

Sorry, back to the interview.

Cher started talking about growing up and how she has never felt like she fit in.


Not Cher. My hero, role model.

She was candid in sharing how it was when she moved and felt most comfortable in London, England in the ‘60s because there was an acceptance she could not find in North America.

It made me feel like a common thread is a part of all of us.

Woven into our psyche.

We don’t fit.

We don’t add up.

I mean, does anyone feel like they fit in is really the question?

I’m not sure I know anyone who feels or felt they fit in.

And here is the bigger, most important question.

Fit in to what????

Fit in, why?????

To a crazy, small perception of what we think we need to conform to.

Wait for it…To be loved.

There I said it.

I wanted to end 2022 with saying, you are loved.

I am loved.

Just as there is no such thing as imperfection. There is nothing to change or improve or cover up.

I wish for 2023 to be a year for you to feel enough. Glorious just as is.


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