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Are you sensing a different direction is calling?


I created two free inspirational guides you can use to help you find your ‘why’ and become your biggest fan.

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Maybe your life is unfolding just like you planned. Or you could be at a point where you’re sensing that a different direction is calling.

I devoted most of my life to creating and building a global cosmetics company. Working hard to achieve my goals. I hustled hard, as they say.

I’m proud of what we’ve built but I’m now discovering an entirely new journey.

I may just be getting close to finding my why.


In How to Find Your Voice you’ll get practical advice on how to:


  • Make your voice heard.


  • Tap into the confidence to raise your hand.


  • Become more aware of the wonder that surrounds you and is within you.

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In How to Rewrite Your Script you’ll receive 50 thought starters to reinvent your life and discover:


  • Simple ways to change.

  • How to be more YOU.

  • Fun ideas to live life to the fullest.


Life is a book and
there are a thousand pages
I have not yet read

Cassandra Clare


Hi! I'm Vita.

Hi there! 


It’s lovely to meet you.


My name is Vita and I’m on a journey of reinvention.


This journey revolves around a commitment to redefine some of the aspects of life we view as hard rules.


I ask many questions. I always have. From childhood I have been curious.


For the past several decades I devoted much of my life to defining the boundaries of beauty. I may now spend the coming decades redefining the frontiers of what we consider beautiful. 


As I set out on this mission I thought there might be others who would benefit from what I have learned and am learning. 

I wondered, what could I share with you that will engage your curiosity and deliver some thoughts that might be relevant to your life?


And that’s where these inspirational guides came from.


I hope you find them relevant to your life and bring you to the realization that together we can  find the power and confidence to influence change for good.


Love and gratitude,




"Was it hard?" I ask. Letting go?"
“Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn't real.”

Lisa Schroeder

These guides are ideal for anyone who wants to

Bring renewed purpose and meaning to life

Find the confidence to be heard

Be courageous in changing direction

Redefine the meaning of beauty

Welcome the joy that resides in difference

Explore the wonders of every day life

Rekindle the natural curiosity of a child

Rediscover the power of our inner voice

Get inspired with


And receive our monthly blog with tips on self-discovery, empowerment and aging gracefully, not quietly.

Get inspired with


And receive our monthly blog with tips on self-discovery, empowerment and aging gracefully, not quietly.

Click to join my monthly blog where I’ll share insights on: self-discovery; empowerment; embracing aging; and, how we can all influence change for good.

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