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We are all role models

I had the most incredible honour in July. I had an opportunity to speak with an inspiration of mine, Ann Rohmer.

A television personality, with a career and accolades one can only dream of.

I have said many times,

“What you are looking for, is looking for you!”

I had dinner with someone, who knew someone and a connection was made. I had an interview scheduled the next day.

“There are no accidents, only accidents on purpose.”

My conversation with Ann Rohmer had purpose.

Coincidence? I think not.

All of life’s experiences are stepping stones to the present.

What was I going to talk about? What would be the purpose of this interview?

What is the reason for the blogs, the Instagram posts and Facebook?

I believe this is the start of a movement I am committed to.

I shared with Ann my experience 15 years ago. I was 45 and at a crossroad in my life.

I knew I was entering a new phase, a next chapter in my life. My parents had passed, my

career was intact but I was still searching for purpose and deeper meaning.

Was I alone? I was seeking a glimpse of what the future might look like as a maturing

woman. This is where I ran into the fork in the road.

I could not find any role models that gave me a glimmer of hope to what may lie ahead.

I had Oprah Winfrey, who is my hero, but images of strong, independent confident women, living full lives who were comfortable in their skin were few.

I was and still am, looking for role models to kickstart the movement of embracing life at any stage.

Something to help encourage me to live big dreams fearlessly.

Like minds to embrace our differences and rally together to celebrate our age, our wisdom, our positive thoughts and explore what is ahead without fear.

So, my quest began and it continues.

It was then, that I was given a Zoomer magazine with an image of Maye Musk.

I believe she was 57. She was vibrant and strong with gorgeous silver hair. From what I saw, not a filler or plumper to be seen. A powerful mature woman who would, in that moment, become my role model.

Maye made a statement and cracked the mold.

The impact Maye had on my psyche was incredible. She removed any fear or question I had about maturing. I saw what I could be, and more importantly, what I wanted to be moving forward.

Capable, independent and able to live a full life.

So, if one image could change my life, assuring me life can get better with each year, and what we gain with wisdom and knowledge more than makes up for a line or two.

It’s all how we look at it.

How we see ourselves and others is powerful.

I want to be a role model, but more so, I want to get the word out that WE ARE ALL ROLE MODELS to each other.

It is our privilege to share with each other our stories and our thoughts about how to make major life events easier for those who follow.

When we learn to accept our bodies (not the photoshopped version) and carry ourselves with pride and confidence it creates a model for others to follow.

When we show each other how to love ourselves first we pass the importance of self-love to generations to come.

We pay it forward.

We are each others’ role models.

When I saw Maye Musk’s image 15 years ago it was my new beginning.

I want that for all of us.

Love and gratitude



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