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Anti-aging stops here. Words are powerful.

I need your help and it has to do with the power of words.

We need to use and choose them wisely.

I am creating a culture shift in our workplace to abolish the negative words that have been common place until now.

Anti-aging, growing old, getting old.

It is actually coming from you, my friends. You are telling me and guiding me to the conclusion that we need to stop complaining about the “getting older issue.”

Count your blessings that we are here, in this moment right here, right now.

Welcome each day we are given.

We have to change the culture and marketing of growing old. Perhaps just growing.

We can change the dialogue and I am starting right now with baby steps. I think it will have a profound effect on the people we work with and our customers.

I want to change the conversation in our workplace.

Four years ago, we had a lipliner called Indian Red.

Today I cringe that it was ever considered politically correct, but the world has thankfully changed to encourage us to look through a wider lens.

This lipliner is now called Flame.

All our product names are being revisited to make sure the words used will represent the positive images we wish to encourage and portray.

Our images on our campaigns have always been inclusive, all ages, genders and skin tones. We have been doing this since we began in 1987 and we will continue to expand and explore new territory.

Here is where you come in.

I have this skin care moisturizer.

It needs a new name.

Currently it’s called “Anti-aging” moisturizer.

It suggests you can stop the aging process if you use this cream.

That’s not true.

Yes, it’s a gorgeous cream that contains ingredients that will do your skin good but I want to change the conversation.

Please send me some names you want us to consider for the moisturizer formerly known as: Anti-aging. If we pick your name, I will send you some product for your effort.

Now to the bigger picture.

I want to encourage only positive images of every day.

We are not old or aging.

We are nurturing and whole.

We are stepping into our power.

We are following our internal North Star.

I was reading something this morning that really speaks to me.

"What you see every day becomes your reality.”

If we are constantly seeing images of strong, vibrant, powerful women than that's who and what we aspire to become.

The flip side is if all we see and hear is mature, frail, women presented in a diminished capacity and that growing up is not to be embraced and something we are excited about,

then that is also what we become.

Let us say what we mean.

Use our words to encourage powerful strong images to propel us forward.

Love and gratitude



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