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More Than A Number

Did you know that actresses on the ‘Golden Girls’ were younger in age than the women in the ‘ Sex and The City ’ reboot, ‘ And Just Like That ’? The progress is all in perception, how we see things. Sophia played a 90 year old and was actually 56. Carrie Bradshaw is 56. We have come so far in what we consider an “older woman” - but let’s not stop there and let’s not get caught up in the numbers. You never know where your next inspiration is going to come from. I try to keep my eyes open. What you're looking for, is looking for you. In response to one of my posts, I had a reply from Carol who is 81, “just arrived in a new town, starting a new business, just getting started.”
I’m sorry, but if that’s not inspiring, what is!?
Starting a new business at 81 is AMAZINGLY inspiring! I have never met Carol but in a few words she has confirmed that if we put our minds together, share our thoughts, anything is possible. 81 and starting a new adventure! Thank you Carol - your post is now on my vision board.
Let go of the numbers.
When I met my husband Rick I was aware of the 12 years difference in age. I was 24 and Rick 36. I had people comment how it would be a problem later in life. When you are young, you do not consider that you’re ever going to get to that point, so I never worried.
I will tell you why. I had a friend say to me, “it’s better to have quality than quantity.”
I understood that immediately. I would rather have a beautiful short love story than a medium tepid long term relationship.
That was the mindset going in...I never thought I would be 60. I never thought Rick would be 72. And I honestly feel more in love and more connected than when we met. I am so grateful I did not get caught up in the numbers.
Life is not a numbers game. Don't count your steps every day - just walk and feel the air. You will get to 10,000 without counting. You are not valued by how many followers you have on Facebook or Instagram. You are not valued by the number on the scale or how many calories you eat. Your value in life is not determined by the amount of money in your bank account or what you think you own.
Most importantly it’s not about the number of years you have lived or have left. It’s what we do that matters and we start by letting go of the numbers in our head and show each other how to live our best life. “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” - Rudy Francisco The universe is continually sending messages. Last night, I watching David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest’ on Netflix and was riveted by his guest Howard Stern. My fascination with this hour-long talk show is just confirming what I already know, we really are all the same. We have a different outer shell perhaps, but the inside is all the same. We want love, validation and to be accepted.
Howard was reflecting on his journey and career. The fascination for me was exactly what I am talking about in this blog. Howard lost much of himself and the things so close and dear to him because he became obsessed with the numbers. He had to stay on top of his game with his listeners. The number of listeners was his value and at any cost, he had to keep the numbers and ratings up.
He soon became number one. But it didn’t stop there…he had to maintain it weekly again and again. His only focus was to stay at number one. Everything comes at a cost. And it cost him. His marriage, his relationships with his children. And soon, he found no joy in what he was so focused on, his radio show. He lost his way. Life’s lessons, that he now proudly says, he has nothing to prove but lives without feeling trapped by proving himself. Life’s lessons. They can come early or late in life. I think the key to all of this is for us to share these valuable lessons with each other. In doing so, we can pull the curtain back for the ones next in line and provide acceptance, forgiveness and a better understanding that we just need to show up, with nothing to prove, but a heart wide open. Numbers are not a value, or report card. They are nothing we should gauge ourselves on.

More Than A Number
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