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Why now???

I was recently sitting on the beach having light, airy conversation and was asked…

Why am I writing a blog?

Good question.

Not even sure I have the answer, but the question made me do some soul searching and for that I am grateful.

To be honest, I have thought of stopping… and then for whatever reason, I believe there is a purpose or I would not be sitting typing with my heart in my hand.

I started out on a quest to talk about the positive spin on living each year. It's not to focus on aging, but living, and to perhaps have some positive impact on the subject and shake up the conversation.

Just an honest look at the living process and something we all go through in some capacity or another in our lifetime.

When I started Beauty is Difference, just before COVID, there was very little chatter on the topic. That is why I was so passionate. Then COVID hit and we all stayed in and put our thoughts and feelings on Instagram and Facebook.

Everywhere I looked there was a new post encouraging those 40+ to grow out their hair, as grey is the new black.

So, I sat down recently and pondered…the topic of (aging) or as I like to call it, living - is saturated with positive, upbeat messages everywhere.

How exciting is this!!!

Then I thought…my work is done, no need for this girl's input, but then I realized something that I think everyone needs to ponder.

The world is a big, gorgeous piece of pie.

There is a slice for everyone.

Sometimes we watch a movie, read a book, hear a story or a song that is so powerful that it resonates with us. Sticks with us. Moves us. Changes us.

We see ourselves or our lives in the story or the song. That's the connection…but it's not every song on the radio, it’s a certain song or voice. It's a certain actor or person that brings the story to life for you.

We need different people to share these stories, to open up new conversations and add their perspective. Their voices matter, our voices matter.

That is what I realized…I am just a piece of the pie, the very big pie, that now has many advocates on the topic of how to live each year with grace.

How do we do this?

We do it together.

Everyone is going to bring their spin on it. That is the most glorious part of all of this. We each bring something to the table.

I have said in the past, in my early years there was just one cookie-cutter role model. If you didn't fit the version, you were on the outcast list.

Now I am happy to say, beauty is the difference, and everything and anything goes.

My personal cause of embracing each year and not being fearful of what is ahead is now a force that I am so honoured to take part in.

So to answer the question, why do I write the blog?

Because I am a piece of the pie. Because it’s about sharing our journey, connecting with each other, finding our voice and using it.

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1 Comment

Cheryl Dian
Cheryl Dian
Sep 02, 2022

Well said...Amen

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